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COVID-19 Disinfection Update

Prestige Properties, LLC and Prairie Sun Building Services are teaming up to implement a Corona virus mitigation program to ensure the safety of Prestige Properties tenants in Iowa City.

According to Tom Gourguechon, President of Prairie Sun Building Services our staff has started disinfecting all Prestige Properties building common areas, laundry facilities and individual units when tenants move out.  Prairie Sun Building Services teams are using an EPA approved EPTON procedure using electrostatic sprayers and a one-step EPA accepted quant disinfectant. This new, fast 5-minute contact time disinfect is the latest technology innovation to help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses including SARS Corona virus 2 that causes Covid-19. Studies have shown quant disinfectants have the highest claimed efficiencies of disinfectants and sanitizers in the market.

Electrostatic spraying has numerous advantages over conventional sprayers and other cleaning methods.  Most prominently the electrostatic charge applied gives a more even, full coat compared to other methods.  It can also get to hard to reach areas like crevices, around corners and backsides of surfaces. The airborne disinfectant will seek out uncoated surfaces to adhere to already coated material, as the electrostatic attraction is stronger to the uncoated surfaces.  This ensures all surfaces are coated. According to Mike Oliveira, General Manager of Prestige Properties, using supplemental resources with the right equipment and technology to help provide this type of protection for our residential and commercial tenants is a win-win for everybody.  The service is quick, efficient and extremely cost effective as an alternative to traditional cleaning and sanitizing methods.

Prairie Sun Building Services has a staff trained in using electrostatic spraying equipment, EPA accepted disinfectant and testing equipment with advanced reporting capabilities.  They are ready to assist hospitals, religious facilities, restaurants, food service, commercial and residential properties to meet the growing challenge of keeping your facilities safe. As a gesture of local support, a portion of our profits will be donated back into the community during these difficult times.

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